Certification of Labour Recruiters



















IRIS is currently developing a credible and reliable certification scheme that will assess labour recruiters' compliance with the IRIS Standard and relevant international human and labour rights instruments. The Standard provides the operational benchmarks for compliance with ethical recruitment principles. Labour recruiters compliant with the Standard will receive IRIS certification via a scheme currently under development. The compliance assessments will be conducted by IRIS trained auditors using tailor-made methodology and tools. In addition to a "front end" assessment and certification process, a monitoring and compliance system will support certified labour recruiters in maintaining their commitment to ethical recruitment. Capacity building and training will help labour recruiters to improve their management systems and recruitment processes. 

Once fully operational, the IRIS certification will provide the following benefits to:


  • Improved transparency of recruitment and deployment processes  

  • Eliminated risks of exploitation during recruitment  

  • Improved access to remedy

  • Recognized businesses that comply with ethical recruitment principles

  • Improved management systems and recruitment processes through capacity building

  • Leveled playing field to gain market advantage

  • Fostered industry-wide adoption of ethical recruitment principles

  • Identified labour recruiters committed to ethical recruitment

  • Enhanced due diligence in the procurement of recruitment services

  • Demonstrated efforts to eliminate modern slavery

  • Reduced recruitment related exploitation and human trafficking

  • Strengthened enforcement by incentivizing business models that comply with international standards

  • Enhanced international policy coherence in the recruitment field