IRIS Pilot Testing

IRIS is being pilot tested in two phases. In the first phase, the IRIS Standard is being pilot tested to ensure its feasibility and applicability in different geographical, jurisdictional and sectoral contexts. This includes testing the Standard against the needs of recruiters and employers. This has been occurring as part of broader labour supply chain mapping projects with companies that are interested in learning more about how workers are recruited within their supply chain. The pilot testing is taking place in South East Asia and within the migration corridor between the Philippines and Canada.

While the first phase of piloting is occurring, the key components of the certification system are being developed with the support of a team of certification specialists and social compliance practitioners. The second phase of pilot testing will focus on testing the feasibility and applicability of all components of the certification system.  This will begin shortly.


The pilot tests will be conducted through three separate modalities:


Corridor Approach

In which a pilot project is implemented between two jurisdictions that have robust regulatory frameworks governing labour recruiters


Economic Sector Approach

Which focuses on a specific economic sector or occupation within defined migration corridor(s)


Supply Chain Approach

Where the pilot project is conducted jointly with a multinational enterprise and focused on its supply chain