IRIS Pilot Testing

Testing the IRIS Standard

The IRIS Standard was pilot tested to ensure its fit for purpose in different geographical, jurisdictional and sectoral contexts. This included testing the Standard against the needs of recruiters and employers. This occurred as part of broader labour supply chain mapping projects with companies that were interested in learning more about how workers are recruited within their supply chain.

Testing the IRIS Certification System

In partnership with Social Accountability Accreditation Services, IOM has been testing the feasibility and applicability of all components of the certification system.  This has been taking place in the Philippines and Nepal in 2018, with further testing planned in other locations in 2019.

Roll out of IRIS Certification System

Following the launch of IRIS certification in December 2018, IRIS will be rolled out gradually through pilot projects in selected countries. This includes in the Philippines and the two Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, where IRIS has recently launched its first government to government pilot project. The first stage of the IRIS roll-out will focus on assisting committed recruiters with building their capacity to meet the requirements of the IRIS Standard. This will be followed by an IRIS assessment with the aim of certification. During the roll out, IRIS will collaborate with similar initiatives promoting ethical recruitment such as ILO’s Fair Recruitment Initiatives, Responsible Labour Initiative of RBA, and the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment.

Read more about the Philippines to Canada pilot project here.