IRIS helps employers and brands to improve transparency in the cross-border recruitment process; it also supports with due diligence to identify labour recruiters that comply with ethical recruitment principles. 

Unethical recruitment exposes employers and brands to reputational damage, and sometimes even legal liabilities. It also causes skills mismatches and poor staff retention rates which lead to losses in productivity. 

IRIS supports employers and brands to: 

  • Identify labour recruiters committed to ethical recruitment 
  • Enhance due diligence in the procurement of recruitment services 
  • Demonstrate tangible efforts to eliminate forced labour and modern slavery  

Companies can create demand and drive positive change by taking concrete actions to promote ethical recruitment by: 

  • Knowing how migrant workers are recruited within your supply chains 
  • Integrating ethical recruitment principles in their policies and supplier Codes of Conduct  
  • Promoting ethical recruitment principles and practices throughout their supply chains 
  • Adopting the “Employer Pays Principle” to ensure that the cost of recruitment is borne by the employer, not by migrant workers  
  • Piloting and testing IRIS in parts of their supply chain and ethical recruitment corridors 
  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned  
  • Using only IRIS-compliant labour recruiters to create further demand for ethical recruitment services and drive demand for IRIS Certification 
  • Supporting industry-wide approaches 
  • Empowering workers with pre-departure orientation 
  • Engaging with governments and civil society