Stakeholder Engagement

IRIS is a multistakeholder initiative in that it involves the recruitment industry, employers, multinational companies, government regulators, international organizations, civil society organizations and trade unions committed to transformation of the labour recruitment industry, and ending forced labour and human trafficking. A multistakeholder approach is most effective because the unethical recruitment is a complex problem that requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders over multiple jurisdictions. While supporting robust regulation based on international standards, we know that governments cannot resolve the problems of unethical recruitment by themselves.  They need the support of business in order to ensure that demand for ethical recruiters is sustained. And the recruitment industry needs the support of both governments and businesses in order to ensure that they can maintain sustainable and fair operations.


How can business support IRIS?

  • Promote ethical recruitment principles and practices throughout their supply chains

  • Integrate ethical recruitment principles in their supplier Codes of Conduct

  • Adopt the 'Employer Pays Principle' to ensure that the cost of recruitment is not borne by migrant workers

  • Pilot test IRIS in parts of their supply chain

  • Share best practices and lessons learned from social audits  

  • Choose IRIS-certified labour recruiters and create further demand for ethical recruitment services


How can governments support IRIS?

  • Improve the enforcement of existing recruitment regulation and ensure that regulation is compliant with international law

  • Incentivize private sector companies to adopt the ‘Employer Pays Principle  to ensure that migrant workers are not  paying the costs of recruitment

  • Reform public procurement to include due diligence on human rights issues

  • Share knowledge and learnings
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How can trade unions and Civil Society Organizations support IRIS?

  • Bring the voices of migrants to IRIS multi-stakeholder consultations

  • Inform social audit processes and compliance monitoring of labour recruiters

  • Support the implementation of government regulation related to recruitment, migration, human rights and decent work standards