What is IRIS?

IRIS is a global initiative that is designed to promote ethical international recruitment.  It works by defining and setting a benchmark for ethical recruitment (the IRIS Standard), and through establishing a voluntary certification scheme for ethical labour recruiters, and a compliance and monitoring mechanism. 


Our Vision

Ethical recruitment is fair for workers, fair for labour recruiters, fair for employers!

Our Approach

IRIS takes a management systems approach to ensure ethical recruitment, transparency, and due diligence are prioritized throughout the recruitment process. The prevailing recruitment business model is based on the exploitation of workers. As such, IRIS fosters partnerships across sectors aimed at achieving industry-wide change. IRIS is being developed through multi-stakeholder consultations led by the International Organization for Migration and a coalition of partners committed to the ethical recruitment and protection of migrant workers.

Our Objectives
IRIS aims to bring transformative change to the recruitment industry by:
  • Identifying and supporting ethical labour recruiters

  • Promoting the Employer Pays Principle (the employer, not the worker, pays for recruitment)

  • Improving due diligence by companies, governments and workers

  • Increasing transparency in recruitment processes and labour supply chains