Recruiter Capacity Building Programme 

The IRIS Capacity Building Programme (CBP) is implemented jointly by the IRIS Secretariat and a global team of dedicated IRIS Capacity Builders from IOM offices around the world.  

The goal of capacity building is firstly to secure commitment to ethical recruitment principles by international labour recruiters. Secondly, the IRIS CBP provides tailored outreach, training and practical tools for recruitment agencies that are adapted to local needs and thematic priorities, and aimed at enhancing understanding, operational capacity, action and impact.  

Therefore, the CBP is divided into the following levels and steps in between:  

  • Entry Level: Awareness Building 
  • Level 1: Gap Analysis 
  • Level 2: System Design, Building and Implementation 
  • Level 3: System Validation 

The CBP takes a step-wise approach and is designed to take the individual labour recruiter’s initial interest in ethical recruitment and IRIS Certification and turn that into a sequenced action plan to establish a management system that is tailor made to the requirements of the IRIS Standard.  


To date, more than 600 labour recruiters from 25 countries across multiple regions have completed the two-day IRIS training.